DRUM&BASSARENA  music brand based in the United Kingdom.
Selected work, DrumAndBassArena Awards - Hall of Fame, DJ portraits. 
Kemistry / Stevie Hyper D / Andy C / Goldie
 Hype / Friction / Grooverider / Dillinja
THESOUNDYOUNEED   music brand from France. 
 Selected work,  custom hand-drawn typography and Photoshop edits for events and ads.
UKF electronic music brand from the United Kingdom.  
Selected work, custom typography, design,  illustrations, photo editing, and icons.
UKF India Event Flyer 
Task |  Design a flyer for a UKF music event held in India.
Maintain the UKF unifying theme based around a circular/radial design.
Execution | Radial bird’s-eye view of a colourful lotus flower that still maintains the UKF radial theme.
Bright colours to represent culture, music, and the celebration of the event.
 Solution & Production | Design based on India’s national flower, the lotus
- A lotus with 24 points replicates the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel on India’s flag
- Vibrant colours from clothing and coloured powder from the Holi Festival to represent celebration of fun and music
Icons, illustrations, photo edits and designs for UKF blog 
Before and After | photo manipulation for viral social media imagery 
Photo edits, ideation, typography, and illustrations. Icon designs for festivals/event ads.
3 Strikes Artist & Talent Management
Branding and logo design for music management company  based in London, United Kingdom.
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